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The Multiple Advantages of Weigh-in-Motion Technology

Several Advantages with Dynamic Weighing: The main focus for weigh-in-motion (WIM) of vehicles is road user safety, compliance with legal regulations, and protection and long-term maintenance of the traffic infrastructure.

The Technology

Weigh-in-motion (WIM) is the ability of electronic systems to measure tiny voltages from in-road sensing equipment, amplify that voltage, and produce a signal that gives you a good idea of the weight of a truck’s axle or wheel. This can be calibrated using the known weight of a vehicle and then you can produce accurate weights for each vehicle that passes over the sensing equipment. This is used for understanding road wear and pre-selecting vehicles over the legal weights for enforcement by governing agencies.

My role in all this is to study the effects of road construction against weight output on quartz sensors to improve accuracy and deliver on the expectations of customers.

WIM has the possibility to solve several problems. For example, if illegal vehicles are removed from the traffic flow then road wear will reduce – meaning less road works. Illegal vehicles often break down and cause accidents and thus further delays to travel. In addition, influencing design of roads, reducing design of roads, and reducing wear and congestion improves air quality helps provide a smoother journey for all of society.

Q-Free’s WIM solutions are reliable, and we have solid solutions that have not changed for years because they are dependable. Moving forward, we plan to continue on our path of innovative solutions. Weigh-in-motion is predicted to be one of the biggest growth markets in the Americas over the next five years. I see many possibilities in the horizon.

The Techspert

I have been with Q-Free since August 2011. I enjoy the challenge of delivering systems to the users and training them on how to get the best from it. Putting my years of market knowledge to good use is really enjoyable. One of the things that makes Q-Free a thrilling place to be right now is the technology roadmap for infomobility at it includes some exciting ideas and new ways of thinking.

When I am not at work, I love a good walk on the beach or Dartmoor National Park. I have just discovered a love of foraging. I am expanding my chef skills with what I gather from the hedgerows and land. Another thing my colleagues probably do not know is that I was the Devon and Exeter under 14s’s Latin ballroom dance champion.

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