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Technology for a greener transport

The Technology

We have some amazingly accurate products on the market that can count bicycles and other non-engine traffic. CMU, or Cycle Monitoring Units, capture data from cyclists and pedestrians going by, which allows authorities or other players to make informed decisions on various important aspects of infrastructure among other things.

Q-Free’s cycle detection systems are based on piezoelectric in-ground sensors that can be installed in dedicated cycle lanes or mixed-traffic environments and provide an unrivalled degree of accuracy. In addition, the systems can give priority to vulnerable road users at signalized junctions or interface with advanced warning signs to alert road users of the presence of cyclists. The data generated by Q-Free’s solutions can be used in concert with traffic management systems to take account of all travelers’ needs and can be displayed in real-time on Q-Free’s interactive Cycle Information Display.

The CMU can also be used alongside our cycle LED totem and our pedestrian counter giving customers a true view of how popular new cycle routers and paths are along with encouraging more people to jump on the saddle and get fit for life.

Everyone around the globe is promoting green transport and the benefits it has on the environment, and that is why our CMU product is very popular. I have travelled all over the world installing these units, and I can see that governments and councils are really trying to use technology to make a difference.

The Techspert

One of the things that, for me personally, makes Q-Free an exciting place to be right now, is being able to manage projects that have never been done in the UK before. I am also working on exciting projects involving carpark management system for huge fulfillment centers in the UK.

The most fulfilling way I can imagine spending my free time is with my family and kids. These days we are building our new home, which requires quite some project management skills and keeping all the trades in line. We love camping in our Tipi and exploring wild places as well, and I have a passion for all things that are fast and dangerous!

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