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Increasing Opportunities for Tolling and Urban Mobility in Australia

Q-Free Australia: Q-Free has had a “come-back” in tolling in Australia and sees many opportunities ahead.

The Technology

Q-Free provides a range of state-of-the-art tolling solutions for urban and open roads. Our systems are innovative, flexible, modular, and non-intrusive to look at and bring immediate and long-term benefits to various stakeholders. Our customers get financing to new infrastructure and road network maintenance, while road-users are provided with safer and more efficient commutes and travels.

Q-Free has made a bit of a ‘come-back´ in Tolling in Australia. After 10 years of a locked market, it has finally opened up for us, and we recently won two significant projects. It is great to be given the opportunity to bid, and the responsibility to deliver great solutions. Now, the hard work starts!

In addition to the two tolling projects, we are ramping up for two airport deliveries whilst maintaining existing systems and bidding for new projects. The truth is that we now have the tools, technologies, and standards to help our customers and partners address the main mobility challenges in very efficient ways.

To further emphasize this, we are about to present our portfolio through three new solution categories called Q-Flow, Q-Safe and Q-Clean. Looking at our portfolio from a market and need oriented perspective just highlights the potential we have to create a positive impact on so many people’s lives.

The Techspert

I was born and raised in Norway but have now spent half my life in Australia where I live and enjoy an active life with my husband, Adam, and our two kids, Rufus and Emilia.

I started working with Q-Free in Australia in 2004. Previously, I had worked with Q-Free in Trondheim whilst I was studying and also during the ITS World Congress in Sydney in 2001. Despite my long work experience with Q-Free, I believe this period of time is one of the most exciting ones. The ITS technology is developing very quickly, and we are able to finally harvest the fruits of having the broadest portfolio in the market. I believe the best is yet to come – both for Q-Free and urban mobility. 

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