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Safer Roads with Smart Tachograph

A new generation of tachographs: Q-Free makes it easy to read and retrieve data from Smart Tachographs, a technology that is developed to register border crossings and improve efficiency in enforcement of driver hours rules.

The Technology

Today’s demand for faster delivery of goods and increased competition among road freight service providers tend to make commercial drivers feel pressured to choose productivity over safety. Drivers that are pushed too hard are not only a challenge to the individual’s health and quality of life but also to road safety in general. The new generation of tachograph – so called smart digital tachograph – addresses these challenges by making it easier for authorities to efficiently stop those who violate driving and rest regulations and reward those who are compliant.

A Smart Tachograph sounds technical, but in short, it is a measuring instrument placed within commercial trucks that records the vehicle’s drive and rest time. A Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) interface enables remote communication with the Smart Tachograph, and Q-Free provides the equipment needed to easily read and retrieve data from the device.

With the help of our tools, road inspection officers can obtain information about security breaches from the road-side without having to stop the trucks on the road. This is beneficial as more vehicles are scanned faster while resource consuming checks are carried out only in case of suspicion, and legally compliant vehicles can drive uninterrupted, which again improves efficiency in enforcement and road safety.

As smart tachographs are already required within new commercial vehicles and forced upon the market by EU-regulations, there is definitely a need for a good toolbox for pre-screening and retrieving tachograph data. It’s extremely exciting that Q-Free is at the forefront of offering equipment that improves conditions for authorities and drivers and significantly enforces road safety.

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