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Organized Installations as Competitive Advantage

Q-Free’s solutions can be adapted to different environments, which make us capable of delivering and installing solutions most companies in the industry cannot.

The Technology

Our installation process is very organized, and our team works hard prior to installs to ensure the night/day is run without issues. Having a system installed with little friction and on time is a crucial part of assuring our clients that we are serious about what we do and interested in a partnership beyond the traditional “seller and buyer relationship.”

For a tolling project we are working on in Australia these days, we have, for example, sessions with the client to present our approach and strategy for installation – from preparation, pre-installation, acceptance, and operation. In addition to being attentive and organized, our competitive edge is that our projects demand less maintenance as we can diagnose and configure a range of issues remotely.

As the world advances, companies and governments need to decrease their costs and increase revenues to not only invest in existing infrastructure but also prepare for suitable infrastructure and public transportation ahead. High quality and innovative tolling solutions are an enabler of new infrastructure and public transportation development. In addition, it captures data for authorities to make evidence-based decisions.

The Techspert

I recently started as an Installation Manager with Q-Free Australia. I heard about the innovation that was taking place, so I took a chance and applied for the role – and here I am today. One thing that makes Q-Free an exciting place to be right now is that we are winning a lot of projects that we need to work out together as a team, and once they are up running, they will be rewarding also for the road-user and our society as whole.

When I am not working, I spend much time with my family and friends. I also like to travel. Something that my colleagues probably do not know about me is that I used to play semi-professional soccer in Australia.

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