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Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR): From parking facilities and surveillance cameras to open road tolling and average speed enforcement systems, automatic license plate recognition takes a primary role in every traffic system nowadays.

The Technology

ALPR is detecting and identifying vehicles through camera and video analytics software. Q-Free is a world-leading supplier of this technology, and with the Intrada product portfolio, it can automatically read license plates from cars all over the world.

ALPR is present in almost all kinds of traffic systems nowadays – ranging from tolling and law enforcement to infomobility, security and parking applications. The primary role of ALPR in such systems is enabling automation in the video handling processes as well as bringing driver convenience in the urban landscape.

In the continuously moving traffic market, it’s not only very important to keep up with the very best technology but also to grow the right partnerships to excel and progress. As such, Q-Free works in close cooperation with partners to address the needs of end-customers and assures a perfect fit through the ALPR portfolio in terms of features and performance. In the latest ALPR project deliveries, Q-Free has been working on smart city implementations where ALPR cameras are used to investigate and improve city-wide driving patterns as well as to enforce environmental zones and other access restrictions.

With the ubiquity of video technology in traffic management systems, data security has become a primary topic in all our daily work. Video-data is very sensitive to privacy concerns and Q-Free is continuously working with strict access restrictions, encryption, retention policies, anonymization, and so on, to assure full security on all customer traffic data.  It’s not only exciting but also extremely important for us as company to be at the forefront when it comes to data security and GDPR.

The Techspert

My interest in physics and electronics made me create a lot of stuff from an early age. Once, I made a fully automated tea preparation machine which even lead to second place in a nationwide research competition. This and other rewards have kept motivating me to learn and develop myself. I went all the way to complete a PhD in software engineering before I started working. Before joining Q-Free as product manager in May 2009, I worked in various roles ranging from QA consultancy and teaching to software design and product development. With all of the knowledge and experience I’ve gained since I was younger, I am now utilizing it to develop Q-Free business and our ALPR technology. It’s, therefore, very fulfilling to see how our products are becoming an important tool for more and more smart cities to improve mobility in so many different ways.

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