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Low Risk and High Reward Ferry Tolling Development

FERRY TOLLING: By bringing existing technology to new markets, Q-Free improved operational efficiencies and made the road-user journey more convenient.

The Technology

Based on current road tolling scheme and technology, Autopass for ferries is a low-risk and high-reward solution in terms of convenience and efficiency. The real improvement lays in the user experience drivers can pay their passage with the same on-board unit device used for road-tolling and thus board the ferry straight away without the assistance of a ticket collector.

As the passage fares are calculated in accordance to the vehicle’s length at the time of entering the ferry, the system depends on extreme measurement accuracy to be successful. Not only do we have to assure that the vehicle itself is correctly measured but also the vehicle in combination with a potentially attached trailer or wagon. This complexity is what makes the solution so interesting to work with, and I am very proud of the quality of our technology.

As the solution makes the payment process easier for drivers and ferry operators, the on-boarding goes faster, and unnecessary queues are eliminated. This again is positive in terms of reduced emissions and improved air quality, which in fact is one of the reasons I really enjoy seeing that our ferry tolling solution is gaining market.

The Techspert

In 1993, my father was in Greenland on field work when he discovered a polar bear that was strolling stressfully around a crack in the glacier. They realized something was wrong and understood that the bear’s cubs were probably in the crevice. In the middle of a crack, on each shelf, laid two small polar bears. It was about five meters down at an unknown depth in the middle, but my father rescued them both. It was a female bear cub and a male cub, so they were named after my sister and I, Tiril and Vegard. In the pictures, you can see my father carrying the young boy, Vegard, and in the helicopter, you can see both Tiril and Vegard. And that is the story about me having a polar bear on Greenland named after me!

What the polar bear Vegard does today is unknown, but the human Vegard is enrolled in many different activities at once. Currently, I am renovating a house, and I’m about to build another one. I also spend quite some time biking, and, like any Norwegian, I love to go hiking in the mountains. The daily life as a sales manager at Q-Free is therefore a perfect match for me, as it is busy and varied with exciting projects and endless opportunities to explore ahead.

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