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Ongoing Support in an Increasingly Tech-Savvy Industry

Everyday our service and support are becoming more digital and more remote which allows us to be that much more responsive for our partners.

The Technology

We recently helped a customer get a signal out of flash while 30,000 feet in the air on a plane nearly 10,000 miles away! Pretty cool. That is just one example of why service is a crucial competitive advantage. When we have quality service, our partners not only love our products, but they trust us to support them with those products.  The result is that they become our biggest advocates in the industry.

The support team and I help partners successfully deploy and implement our products while providing them with innovative solutions for their daily challenges on their signalized networks. I take pride in making sure our partners know we have their backs. Our main role is to stay up-to-date on all the changes. We regularly participate in technical committees for national standards, keep up with unique and complex signal operations being implemented around the world, and communicate regularly with partners on what different solutions they are finding to daily challenges. This industry involvement and knowledge allows us to provide our partners with responsive, unique, and innovative support. In addition, our approach of support is built on processes and expertise. The processes allow us to be efficient in our resolutions, and the expertise prevents the frustration of being routed through non-technical triage staff. Our biggest differentiators are our support tools, and that the first person that answers the phone is an expert in the industry.

These days we have been focusing heavily on adaptive and connected vehicle deployments. Successful integration of these innovative projects is my primary focus and requires constant collaboration between our partners, developers, and support team. In addition, we are always looking for ways to evolve. We are experimenting with ways to get our customer service and support to be more proactive than reactive. Electronic serial numbers and self-troubleshooting systems are just an example of things to come.

The Techspert

I have been with Q-Free since October 2015, and there are especially two things that make this an exciting place to be. The first thing is that we are on the leading edge of signal technology, and the second is working with Q-Free to blend what has forever been two different worlds (freeways and signals) into one cohesive technology.

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