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Advocating for the Human Factor of Technology

Empathizing with the user is crucial to create intuitive products that help customers get their job done in the best possible way.

The Technology

All Q-Free technology is purpose-built to improve the life of people on the move by reducing congestion, accidents, and emissions, and it was the company’s vision that first caught my attention; “Changing the Movements of Life”. It resonates with me as a developer because my job is to see the solutions from a user perspective and advocate for the human factor of technology.

My focus is to assure a great user experience and ensure the user can complete his or her tasks as efficiently and intuitively as possible. To do so, I need to empathize with and place myself in the role of the end-user. If he or she completes the jobs without thinking about the technical solution itself, I’ve been successful, and I believe we are pretty much there now with our portal.

The Techspert

I am a photographer by profession and a scuba diver. My nickname back home in Belgrade was Steve the dancer because I also used to breakdance a lot. Now, I am firstly a father of two beautiful daughters and then a Senior Developer for Q-Free in Oslo, Norway .

The combination of experience, hard work, and a bit of luck brought me here. I found an online add and applied. Now, I have been with Q-Free since June 2019, and I love the fact that I am able to impact a lot of people’s everyday life by designing useful and intuitive products that improve the traffic situation across the globe. I am privileged to live in a green capital, Oslo. I hope our technology can help more people across the world feel the same privilege.

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