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Building Market with Skills and Experience

Parking Guidance for Motorcyclists: Q-Free France uses skill and experience to build market and has adapted the parking guidance system for vehicles to meet the demand for efficient motorcycle parking in Paris.

The Technology

Parking guidance for motorcycles serves as a great example of how Q-Free uses existing technology in new contexts to improve traffic situations. We have no plan of stopping here. As the number of motorcycles in urban zones rise, we have adapted our parking guidance system for vehicles to meet the demand for efficient motorcycle parking in Paris. Though the systems are very similar, the installation requirements for motorcycles are much more challenging in order to reach peak performance, but the very solid competence and experience of our local team enable us to successfully accomplish these kinds of developments to gain market and increase our business here.

Parking Guidance for Motorcycles in France
Parking Guidance for Motorcycles in France

We, at Q-Free France, have equipped more than 60 parking facilities so far and are currently working on a range of new ones. The most exciting opportunities ahead are combining our in-ground sensors with our ParQ cloud platform to give the customers’ even more valuable operation and management functions. With the broadest portfolio of intelligent transportation solutions in the market, the opportunities for commercial partnerships and innovation are almost endless.

The Techspert

I am happy in France and enjoy life with my husband and three daughters. When I first arrived here, the plan was to stay one-year on an ExPat program with Q-Free. The engagement was prolonged with another two years, and I have now been here for 13. As we do our best to live a healthy and sustainable life as family, it is motivating to represent a company that promotes modern solutions that improves the environment while promoting better services for the customer.

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