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The Responsibility of Providing Sustainable Parking Experiences

Parking Guidance Systems: Sustainability has and will continue to become a critical element of the parking industry moving forward. Almost every element of the parking experience can achieve a more sustainable alternative or process.

The Technology

Transportation is one of the biggest drivers of CO2 emissions globally; therefore, any system implementation that can reduce driving times and subsequently exhaust emissions is a great benefit. A Parking Guidance and/or Monitoring System from Q-Free is an instrumental component in reducing the time spent looking for a parking space and carbon emissions.  

Recording, disbursing, and analyzing space availability information helps make predictions on accessibility and driving patterns. Every car on the road has a purpose for being on the road and must find a place to park. It is our responsibility to educate the customer on how to provide the best possible and most economic driving/parking experience. As the company with the most diverse and accurate product portfolio, we are uniquely positioned to address any and all customer requirements from small single facility counting installations to large multi-garage individual space counting projects. Parking Guidance Systems (PGS) have been our division’s sole focus for the last 10+ years, and our customer service and project experience have produced many repeat customers; the best possible references to have.

As a Senior Commercial Manager within the Parking division, I am responsible for all commercial operations for the Parking division at Q-Free, which among other responsibilities includes creating templates, setting pricing levels, supporting all parking sales and marketing efforts, assisting in budget creation, mentoring regions, and gathering input for future development. I bridge the gap between the sales team and management. My main focus is to set us up for a successful 2020 and beyond. The biggest challenges the Parking team is facing at the moment is the emergence of new technologies and the need to stay current.

Over the last few years, we have seen an increased interest in PGS installations for large employee campuses. There has been a growing focus on getting employees to work faster and more efficiently. This is an emerging trend from a time where a PGS system was seen more of a customer service tool for shopping centers or casinos to now more of an active tool to reduce time spent searching for parking and emissions for daily commuters. Addressing daily life issues, such as employee parking rather than just special event parking at shopping centers or casinos, shows the general trend toward more sustainability in the market. We have the tools to leverage our diverse parking portfolio and long experience to help lead the way in making the everyday life a bit more sustainable – one parking system at a time.           

The Techspert

I am from Germany originally but followed my husband to the US. I started working at TCS International in December 2006, which was acquired by Q-Free in 2012, so I’ve been with Q-Free in some sort of capacity for a long time. I love the coworkers in my team and the global aspect of Q-Free. At any given day, I could be discussing new trends, projects, and future developments with colleagues all over the world.

When I am not working, I am busy with my family: my husband, two boys at seven and nine years old, and one large dog, a Bullmastiff. I enjoy horseback riding, reading, and watching movies, and I have a secret superpower: I can fall asleep anywhere and anytime.

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