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The Vital Role of Open Standards in Driving Innovation

The primary goal of open standards is to provide interoperability between various products, and Q-Free is a leader in the industry for true support for open standards.

The Technology

Open standards documentation ranges from formal, accepted government sponsored standards to proprietary standards which follow standardized data transport standards and are publicly available in the open domain. “Open standards” prevent product vendors from locking agencies into a single solution because the manufacturer-specific protocols or interfaces will not communicate or cannot be installed on other vendor’s systems. System-wide replacements are often cost prohibitive for agencies and, therefore, the agency cannot mix the best products for various applications. But by improving interoperability and removing the restriction of proprietary interfaces, product vendors must compete to provide the best, most innovative solution for the best value. Furthermore, the vendors must work to provide the best support available to ensure the costumer continues to use their products.

Q-Free is the industry leader in true support for open standards as we work to provide education and terminology which close the proprietary loop holes used by our competitors. We have publicity posted our controller/device protocols online for all to download. Furthermore, we have produced and are leading an industry-wide #FREEtheMIBS advocacy campaign for vendors, customers, and experts to learn about and show their support for improved interoperability. This open culture is the core of Q-Free’s business model and has arguably had the biggest impact on our growth and success. As long as we stay true to this vision, our technology and services will continue to be recognized industry-wide as the leading, world-class solution.

The Techspert

Since joining Q-Free in July 2011, it still continues to be an exciting place to work as we are constantly providing innovative, off the shelf solutions to leverage modern IT technologies combined with expert traffic operations engineering. The ITS market is changing now more than ever, and while others race to migrate their legacy technologies, we continue to rebuild components for a complete and modern solution.

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