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The Power of Enterprise Architecture and Standardized Work

Complete control: By documenting best practices and standardized work flows, Q-Free reduces variations, improves quality of products and processes, and frees up valuable time and resources to invest in business development and innovation.

The Technology

Q-Free has a history of delivering projects and customer specific solutions. Now, the focus is shifting toward delivering standard solutions and that is an exciting journey – both for Q-Free as a company and for our customers.

As an Enterprise Architect, I analyze and document our current state of being from a strategy, business, and technology-driven viewpoint to assure that we have the capabilities we need to deliver business value. By standardizing our products, Q-Free simplifies and streamlines deliveries and removes repetitive development tasks. This frees up valuable time and resources, which can be used for innovation and value added customer services.

To be good at what I do, I do not only have to know how the strategy, business, systems, and infrastructure interrelate, but I also need to communicate how it works to the different stakeholders. Then they can act in the most supportive way for the entire ecosystem and not only their own silo.  

As you may understand, none of my working days as an Enterprise Architect are the same. It’s a continuous loop of evaluating systems we already have in place, developing standards, recommending best practices, seeking repeatability, and adjusting business strategies – all to maximize our IT efficiency and assure we meet our business goals. The better we meet our business goal; the better we will be able to tackle our societal traffic challenges, which at the end is the final outcome we aim to achieve with our offerings.  

The Techspert 

I was on national television just hours after I was born. I was born nine weeks premature, and they had just opened a division with incubators for premature children at our local hospital. As I was the first baby there, I was broadcasted on the national news. The nurses called me “TV-star” and suggested I should be named Liv, which in Norwegian means “life”.

Today, I, myself, am a mother of two active children. I love to spend time with them, my wife, and extended family members and friends. During the week, we do the typical day-to-day chores, while the weekends often are spent by the sea or in the mountains, or at cafes or concerts.

My focus as an Enterprise Architect at Q-Free is on intelligent transportation systems and connected vehicles via standard software and hardware solutions, which I find very exciting.  I have been with the company since May 2019, and it has been a good experience so far.

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